Preview Tie Die Jeans


Sneak peek. After some days working a lot on my photography class exposition, I could get out to take the sun, which is really amazing lately, normally it rains or the weather is bad here in Bogotá, but I don´t know the sun is having its best time. 

On the other hand, lets talk about my jeans. I made them, they were old and were damaged by me with super cool UHU (Hated it, from the first moment I used it), but now they are fixed and I totally love them. 

I´ll let you know how I made them soon, and you will get to see the look of the day, this is just a sneak peek of my outfit.

What do you think about my jeans?

Reojo. Después de hacer arreglos en la exposición de mi curso de fotografía, pude tomar un poco el sol, que últimamente esta increíble, normalmente el clima apesta acá en Bogotá, pero no se el sol esta de fiesta!

Por otra parte, hablemos de mis jeans. Yo los hice, eran viejos y los dañe con UHU, la única vez que lo use lo odie. ahora los arregle y los adoro.

Les haré saber cómo los hice, y podrán ver el look del día, esto es solo un reojo de mi atuendo.

¿Qué les parecen mis jeans?


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    1. Thank you dear, the total look is already posted, and tomorrow I will post how I made them :)


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