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First of all I wanted to say that I am really sorry for the lack of posts, it is hard for me to get with ideas for posts, even though I love outfit posts I have nobody who can take pictures of me, and the idea of taking a tripod with me scares me, I mean I am scared that someone steal my camera or the wind throw it down.

So here it goes a post I've been working on for weeks actually, I love this trend posts, and this goes with a lot of information, its not only about coats, but it is about every single trend, punk, pajama, candy, rouge, well everything I can say about these on coats.

So first, If you are into this fur thing well I've got the perfect for you, these coats come in a really good variety of colors and if you love colors in fall or winter, nor just this monochrome outfit, then it is perfect for you. Now, how can you style it, definitely with a pair of heels and why not these leather look pants. That would look awesome.

Here are the ones I loved the most. Click on the image to go to the site where they are sold. (They are a bit expensive, well so freaking expensive but it is real fur, if you want something alike you may want to look at SheInside,  I searched but I didn't find something that really catch my eye)

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Another great trend is the tartan, plaid style, it reminds me of a preppy style, just that in this case the designers made it look a little bit of punk and rebel, which is amazing for those kind of days when you are feeling like no one can stop you. Styling it well just get inspired by Sex Pistols, just kidding but yeah, you can wear it with biker boots, or those type of killer boots, like 6 inches wow, really with this outfit no one will stop you.

Again here are my favorites, click on the image to buy them or to check the site where they are sold.

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And what about being delicate, and the perfect way to do it is by wearing pastels or candy colors, this are amazing, and I think for fall and winter they would look awesome and you would look great with some snow or fall trees in the background, really delicate and a good contrast.

My faves down. And again click on the images to buy them.
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Hope you like it,

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