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I am seriously in love with coats, if the weather here in Colombia wasn't soooo weird.. I would totally wear them everyday, well.. most of the days. 

The coats give every look an elegant vibe...(just look at the pictures below).

This look is the perfect classic wear, I mean flat shoes, steight pants a sweater over the shirt and for the cold the add of a coat

 What about not wearing anything in the legs, she just tricks the weather. The coat can give the look of a dress which is a good idea, just like the Balmain blazer as Doina show it.

I just love this outfit she totally matches her sweater and coat with her bag (Which I think is from Zara). Also the hat, and the shoes. Is fresh but also chic.. seriously no words for this outfit

This is the perfect example of the long and oversised coat, so fresh and gives the vibe that she do not care about anything. But actually I think she does... that's the magic of the coat.

 the sleeves well they are really dramatic, it makes the coat look a bit like a cape

At night.. when everything seems not to be perfect, when there is cold outside and maybe you don't want to "mess" your outfit a coat is perfect to give also a dramatic look.

All pictures were taken from the sartorialist

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  1. I've always loved big coats. They look so "upper class" and they keep you warm as well. Nice article :-)



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