This is a little inspiration I took from one of the most amazing blogs referring to street style. Prints and colorful pieces are a big part in my life, they can add something special to any kind of outfit. I love that paisley print, is so old school but so chic and stylish. Flowers, lets not talk about them they are just gorgeous, a dress, a suit or whatever it is, they look amazing, and adds some spring to any outfit, which is perfect for those cold days of autumn and winter.

Esto es una pequeña inspiración que tome de uno de los mejores blogs de street style. Los estampados y las prendas coloridas son una gran parte de mi vida, agregan un toque de especialidad a cualquier atuendo. Amo el estampado paisley, es muy chic y estilizado. Flores, bueno ellas son solo flores pero son tan hermosas que en cualquier prenda se ven increíble, y pareciera que lleváramos algo de primavera.

All of the pictures above were taken from stockholm street style

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