New year ... resolutions

From all the type of blogs I read, I've seen Beauty, blogging, wardrobe, style, fashion, interior design resolutions. It's really a great idea reding these, and getting some new inspirtions!

These are my own resolutions. The personal ones stay on my "diary" better yet, in my mind.

 New Year Resolutions

1. Wash every night your face. It doesn't matter if you didn't wear make up all day, your face acquires dust and it sticks into your pores. So you better wash your face. Also if you wear make up it is really important to wash your face very carefully, so you don't left any make up on it. Specially the eyes area, eyes are really sensible and if some of that make up is left and it gets into your eyes, they will not be "happy" at all, red-ish eyes are not what we girls want. Maybe if that happens you should really be carefull. use those natural tears they will help your eyes a lot, not completey but it will work.


2. Wear a great accessory  everyday. Accessories are really important, they can take into another level a casual outfit, with the right ones. Belts, collars, necklaces, hats, purses, clutches, and so on. As things are changing everyday, customising the old ones is a good idea, just get inspired and do it.

3. Get rid of the unuseful things. Sometimes we girls save some make up, because we do not want to use those expensive ones, or maybe yes but in important ocassions. Many people may not know that make up have an expire date, so girls start using those not so old ones and get rid of those which are too old.
4. Keep things interesting. when blogging, we all need to change things, By things I mean, the layout, the fonts, for example changing the facebook fanpage (which I don't have, but will do it) picture, the twitter picture and the layout. Keep things interesting social networking!

5. Use bloglovin'. We bloggers read a lot of blogs, and sometimes it's really difficult to keep updated on them. Bloglovin' it's a good idea for this! It helps you follow your favourite bloggers and shows who has made updates recently. I use it and It is really helfull. Also It has this icon which you can like and it keeps those liked posts on one special page.

6. Clean your wardrobe more often. Sometimes we do not even know what we have on our wardrobes, and sometimes they are a mess. Maybe finding a great blouse or jacket which we do not remembered of its existence it's just as amazing as using it for the first time. That is the main reason why we should clean our wardrobes, to find that gorgeous vintage blouse or those winter gloves. Also we have a lot of "ugly" or things that we do not like any more, maybe those things can be used by other people, a charity shop it's a good idea.

If you have more, tell me.


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