MNG shopping night!

I just got an e-mail, which was asking me if I could take part on the "MNG Shopping Nigh", I just thought "yes,indeed".

I just hope I can be there, school is over in two weeks and I'm just praying I do not have to work an extra week, If I do, It'll be hard to make it. Yet I don't have anyone who go with. My mom maybe, but lets see. Stay tuned, for the pictures (If I can make it)!

People who can get to go, can have 20% OFF, Who does not like this? and also if you have the MANGO credit card you'll get an extra 10% OFF. Well If you don't like this, I don't know what will. 

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1 comment:

  1. Negraaaa i'll go with you if you want :) Let me knoww i have all the timee necessary LYBT


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